The story behind BARBRO Shoes

“That girl will end up making shoes,” Barbro’s grandma chuckled as she found Barbro busy messing in her mom’s shoe rack for the umpteenth time. It was 5-year-old Barbro’s favourite place to entertain herself and her fascination was evident. At 17, a knee injury rekindled her deep interest in shoes and the role they played in women expressing themselves. Later on, when Barbro relocated with her job from Copenhagen to London, the corporate shoe culture in the big City cemented her passion. In her eyes, London was (and still is) all about suits and really nice shoes.

Working high heels is a specialized skill, especially if your knee is made of spaghetti

However, high-heeled shoes can add that wonderful sense of unique feminine power. If you want that, then let it be done!
Through trial and error, Barbro built up her knowledge of shoes. Her day-job, took her to many corners of the world: the perfect opportunity to shape her understanding of shoes and the role they play in varying cultures.

Finally, in 2012 Barbro made a bold move. She redrew her pension and invested it in pursuing her passion…the perfect shoe adventure began. She had one big cheerleader – her sister – while most others felt it was too difficult in a market that already had so many options.

They were right; it has been difficult to carve a unique path. Forever focused, Barbro designs her collection in Copenhagen and spends many days in Portugal with her specialized shoe-maker, Antonio going through the designs in detail.

What is her unique viewpoint?


The shoe-making industry is dominated by men, who have never worn women’s shoes. This climate has led to many battles over Barbro’s shoe designs as making elegant shoes that are comfortable to wear is a tough task. Barbro persisted and developed – at long last – a way to support the foot and give space in the right places, yet provide a snug fit. Then came the discussions of where to cut & stitch or not to cut & stitch? It never ends!

However, the end result is that BARBRO Shoes are handcrafted with traditional knowledge, empowered by modern design and innovation.

BARBRO Shoes have been sold in Denmark for years; now it is time for BARBRO Shoes to empower the ladies of London, as Barbro originally intended.