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Danish shoe design

We put a ton of thought into BARBRO Shoes, so that you dont have to!

DO your feet hurt after work?

Women often get sore feet from high-heeled shoes, because we carry too much of our weight on the forefoot and our shoes are too narrow.

BARBRO Shoes are designed for Nordic and British feet with room for the forefoot, so you can walk with grace and elegance.

The heel

Is placed well underneath your foot, as a natural extension of your lower leg. This construction is also seen on ballroom dancing shoes, as it makes it easy for you to keep your balance and it allows you to move with grace and elegance.

The position of the heel enables you to carry most of your weight on your heel and less on the ball of your foot, which takes the pressure off. Your foot is made up of 26 bones. Three big ones are placed in the heel and are meant to carry most of your weight. The rest are placed in a fine net of smaller bones that enables you to keep balance and be agile.

Height & Space

The heel is 6½ cm in height. As we all know, when the height of the heel increases the pressure on the ball of the foot increases and we end up with sore feet.  If the height difference between the heel and the ball or forefoot is more than 6½ cm, the load on the forefoot increases exponentially.

We design with enough space for the ball of your foot, both in the width and to the ceiling. As the ball of your foot is made up of small bones, you can squeeze it into shoes that are too narrow, but you will soon end up with sore feet.


The outsole is thick and in two levels, which creates an elegant look and portrays an image of being airborne. The outsole on the forefoot is made of shock-absorbing rubber and it also keeps your feet dry on a rainy day.

Because we all want something soft to walk on the insole is shock-absorbing.

High quality leather is simply the most pleasant feel and best environment for your feet. Leather adapts to your foot, not the other way around.

4 years ago – i was inspired!

Inspired to create shoes that empowered the wearer. Why? After 6 years navigating the streets of London in “statement shoes”, I was tired. Tired of not being able to truly have it all – to be comfortable to the depths of my sole, while still being the stylish beast that I am!

So, now that I have designed truly elegant and walkable shoes and empowered Danish women, I return to London to empower you.

I have been in your shoes – now I hope you will be in mine. They were made for you. They were made to make you more confident, comfortable and competent in your own skin and your own hand-sewn leather shoes.

Our Vision for all our customers

Empowerment from heel to toe.

Our Mission

We believe we have created elegant and walkable shoes – we hope you agree.

We believe we have created shoes that allow you to be at ease yet walk powerfully through life – we hope you feel that power.

With my height and as an independent accountant, I need heels. I have just bought the fourth pair of BARBRO Shoes, I absolutely love them. From now on, I’m only buying good shoes. I just saw the new boots, they are next in line. Elegant and walkable…it is true. I feel empowered. Thank you!

Lotte Egsgaard

Accountant and tax adviser

I bought my first BARBRO Shoes 3 years ago… absolutely love them. Now I have 11 pairs – even bought a pair yesterday.

They asked me if I would write a testimonial as to why. In short, they make me feel good. I can wear heels all day and night. They ooze quality and they look the part. What else can I say? They’re top of the line!

Anne Maria Ballerini

My Barbro shoes are by far the best shoes I have ever had – and definately the best investment for my feet! I am able to walk the whole day through with power and energy and no pain at all and I feel splendid wearing them! Endless miles in airports and long days at business meetings without even thinking of having to change shoes. Simply brilliant!

Joan Nilsson


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